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Barcodes are a very common thing nowadays, and they look like some parallel lines. However these black lines hold a lot of data about the product they're stuck on. This data is read with a scanner or a barcode reader and there's no other way to find out the information they hold about a certain product without these tools.

Today almost every product has a sticker with a number of black lines in regular successions. These lines of diverse thickness are called barcodes. Barcodes were first introduced in 1952 and since then have been of immense help. All the vital information regarding the product encoded on barcodes can only be decoded with the help of a barcode scanner.

These barcode labels provide precise and accurate details of the product. This helps in reducing mistake occurrences. These barcode labels can be used in all types of workplaces and help in proper classification and segregation of products. They facilitate effective tracking of the product and eliminate all chances of counterfeiting and provide security. Barcodes aid proper and active functioning of the data management of various businesses as all vital details can quickly be decoded, thus making the information easily accessible.

With a huge number of holographic labels manufacturers offering lucrative offers, it becomes quite confusing to select the most competent manufacturers Great Eastern Impex Pvt. Ltd. est. 1983. is India’s leading systems integrator & solution provider in Barcode labels & RFID technologies to help businesses to identify, move & track goods across the supply chain with a core capabilities of standards driven & custom built solutions label, tags & ribbon conversation facility (ISO 9001 2008 certified), & nationwide service support.

barcode labels

With a domain expertise of over 30 years in delivering value to Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and Healthcare enterprises they have partnership with industry leaders - Toshiba TEC Corp., Denso Wave Corp.; ThingMagic Inc.; Alien Technologies Inc., Century Inc., & Avery Dennison Inc.